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I'm just doing some more updating of procedures and thought this would be a good one to explain:

This is an area that has always been in question so I figure it be best if I help clarify a few things in order to assist and make it easier on you all as it helps to see what we're thinking.

what is NOT allowed...
  • images that show the genitals
    (that includes sac, penis, and vaginal areas)
  • open leg shots (clothed or naked) - no sexually explicit open leg shots. completely innocent ones are fine
    (Now this is the trickiest of the rules to interpret. It's hard to know what is completely innocent and what is sexually arousing. There is a thin line here. If you're not sure if you've crossed this line, then I promise you that I or the Admins will help you out ANY time. If there is a hint of the shape of a woman's vagina or a man's penis or sac, then it'll most likely be removed. Cover it up, layer it, do something more with the image or request more be done with the image if it was a gift so it can be used. But if we see a slightest hint, we'll remove it. The shape and form of an ass is fine as long as nothing underneath the gait of the legs is exposed. Just PM Me or another Admin and we will help you out. Now I will say, for all games and contests, keep the images respectable. Why the need for sexually explicit images for a contest or game? Seriously it's not needed. Same goes for VPs and Signatures worn on the board. . Some designers do not even like sexually explicit images so check the designer's before submitting a request for anything of that nature.)
  • distasteful images of the genital area (clothed or unclothed)
    (No sexual scenes or explicit scenes like nipple licking or lip spreading)
  • illegal images such as bestiality, hardcore BDSM etc
    (Yeah, let's not go there with those. I doubt most here would even attempt to want to do anything with those type of images so let's keep those as far from here as possible.)
  • any image where the model is under 18 at the time the photo was taken.
    (This is another tricky one because it's some times hard to tell if a model is over 18 or not at the time of the image. For example, Hayden Panettiere is a good example of a person that you just cannot tell her age just by looking at her. Her baby face makes it difficult to tell if she is 16 or 18. If it is borderline or in doubt, there is a world of images out there so why not just leave it be?)
  • copyrighted images - IF IN DOUBT, LEAVE IT OUT
    (This goes without saying. If you don't have permission to use it, then don't. If you have proof of permission, then let Me know ASAP before using.)
  • strictly NO anime or cartoonish type images. these are generally always copyrighted.
    (Anime and cartoon images are doubly difficult because they are not only copyrighted by the production company making the anime or cartoon, but usually copyrighted and locked down permission-wise from the site that hosts the image. That means you would have to go through 2 layers of permissions in order to use the image and be able to show proof before doing so. To save any troubles, we leave anime and cartoon images alone. We want AbD to stay up forever, not shut down by possible litigation.)

Now again...if you're unsure...don't use it. If you insist, then please come to Me or an Admin and we'll help you make for absolute sure if it fits in the rules given for images. If we find any images that break the rules, then we will PM you and give you a chance to remove it yourself otherwise we will do it for you. If it happens too often, we will revoke your picture posting abilities. We want to keep this place respectable where you wouldn't be embarrassed to bring someone else here to see your works because of all of the lewd or even partially lewd images floating around.

So please remember, if there is any confusion or uncertainty, then do not hesitate to come to one of us and we will be here to help you out so you don't feel as if you're walking on eggshells with this pic or that.

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