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Default SO...let's brush the dust off and make AbD SHINE again!!

i am also guilty of not going was so sad when contest after contest had few or no players...and all that was left was orders... around for ideas - i have borrowed/come up with some fresh things that miiight be interesting.

For Contests:

Quilting: meaning there will be a list of numbers (like all those little fabric pieces a quilt is made of) from 1-31 - you pick a number, i will let you know what word that number has - and you made an avi/set from that. For instance you pick 3 - i look up 3 and the word is HAPPY...then you make an avi/set that reflects that.

Coupling: Will post 2 names - a male and female (actor/artist/model) - and your job is to make avis with any of those two - with any picture you can find...

Tex Mex: Textures! i love textures - and this is the place to make them.
Will post pics to help create these - and you have to use 3-4 of them to blend into a fabulous texture. Also - if so inclined, make avs from the textures you have made!

Monochrome: Black and white images - magically changed into gorgeous avs. Pictures will be given to create from.

Darque: This is for men and women of a different color. So many gorgeous African Americans out there (not meaning to step on any toes here...but - well...this is not for white people avs) - Indian (both from India or native Indians) - or any other beautiful person - does not matter which shade of skin, as long as it is not white...Always seems to be a lack of good avis for this - so why not create a contest for it...?...

Risqué: For the naughtier avis - maybe BDSM themed - but let us keep a certain style, anyway. Pics will be offered.

Any other ideas??? let them flow???
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