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On April 8th I made a purchase here and still have not received it. I have been in contact with the owner here who claims he sent several emails to me, I never received them and he does have the correct address. I do receive copious amounts of email just apparently not his. I did have contact with him through messaging and instead of just sending the product he ignores those messages..It is not the $6.00, it is the principal of the who matter.
I have to wonder how many other people are in this same situation. It is no wonder no one comes to this place any longer. I do not expect to received what I paid for, I just hope no one else sends this scammer any money in the future.

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I have replied to this person twice via email and each time have gotten no response. She needs to check her Junk Mail for replies as I've sent them from my Gmail account. In any case, this person can just send me a PM if she is so inclined.
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