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Old 02-26-2013, 01:04:32 AM
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Default 2-25-2013

holy shit I've not blogged in almost a year. A lot of nothing going on and a lot of something going on.

For the past 2+ weeks I've been going through some bullshit on the home front. Stupid asses upstairs fell asleep and left the tub running full bore and all of that water flooded our apartment.

So now I've got no carpet and no hard wood laminates in the hallway. The concrete is apparently too moist so the carpet manufacturer will not honor the warranty on the carpet. So we've been living on concrete for the past week.

I've got the bare minimum in the living room and dining room (which we use more like a den than a dining room) and the kitchen is a disaster area as that is where the other furniture is being stored as well as the spare bedroom until they can get it right.

All the while, we have two dehumidifiers running full bore all the time to control the moisture and pull it out of the air thus drying up the concrete and these bastards are LOUD. Not one, but two of them and we just have to deal with it.

So hopefully tomorrow. Everything I'm responsible for I've been slipping on including AbD and other things so once this chapter is closed I'm going full on with getting things revved up agian.

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