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Exclamation Roles Undertaken

AbD is a member run site. without its members, there'd be no staff, and with no staff, there'd be no site. its as simple as that.

because of this, we take our staffing seriously, and will do everything necessary to ensure that they have what they need in order to do their roles successfuly.

however, because there are many who have numerous roles on this site, it is necessary that if they feel overwhelmed by any part of it, they need to come to us and tell us, so that we can help rectify the situation before it gets out of hand.

this might involve time off, partial cover, an assistant being put in place to help the person, depending on the role. each situation will vary depending on whats needed.

what we dont want, is a person taking on too many roles, and then something having to give as a result.

if you are considering taking on an additional role here on AbD, please take the following into account before applying:
  1. how much free time do you have? ** R/T ALWAYS comes first, so please ensure that the commitments you make do not affect it.
  2. what other commitments have you made on ABD regarding roles undertaken.
  3. does your free time allow for the time necessary to do the role you wish to apply for.

if you can safely say that you have the time to commit, then go for it. but please please PLEASE ensure that you have time for you too.

DONT apply for the role if you are unsure of time commitments.


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