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Exclamation Holidays

i'm a bit slow on this one. i missed summer. (blame scottish weather)

AbD will have a flat out summer holiday and winter holiday from now on. each will be for two weeks, and the first day of the holiday will mark AbD CLOSED for that two week period.

The start dates are:


- first monday in july - for two weeks.


- the friday prior to christmas day - for two weeks.

during this time, all contests, games, auctions & apprentice program will close. as for requests, those taking them (be they core designers opr premade) can do so at their own discretion.

apprentices can continue with lessons if they wish, but the buddies/staff for the aspprentice program will be on holiday.

a mass mail will be sent out to everyone on the start date of the holiday, to announce the site closure for two weeks.

Holiday Bonus

each holiday, everyone who has a bank account with AbD will be given 20K. if they dont have a bank account, they will have two weeks grace to email the points bank and request one. after that, they do not qualify for the gift.

now. because i missed this summers holiday period, ive decided that the holiday will start from today, and last two weeks. i think we've all earned it.

however, auctions will continue as its too late to cancel them etc. because of this, auction staff will recieve double the points they normally get for the this month. (this includes mods, MC's and designers submitting avas etc.)

** apologies to the bank in advance for these changes -hides-

i'll post an announcement regarding this holiday after ive posted this thread.


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